John Worsley SimpsonJOHN WORSLEY SIMPSON is a crime-fiction writer.

Four of his novels, were published by Mercury Press, Toronto. 
The novel Death Never Says Goodbye is available on various e-book sites


Stark STARK (2016)
A killer hides behind the dazzle of blood-soaked gold as Detective Harry Stark seeks answers concealed by the glitter.
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CounterPoint COUNTERPOINT (2000)
It is the heat of summer in downtown Toronto, and Homicide Detective Harry Stark is called in to investigate the murder of a jewel courier who was formerly a soldier in the Israeli army. At the same time, a copycat murder of a young woman is being looked into by Stark’s lover, Carol. This is a wonderful whodunit by a gifted mystery writer, and it provides a gritty, realistic picture of Toronto and its downtown and east-end denizens.
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Shadowmen SHADOWMEN (2002) 
Young, successful men with unblemished reputations— each of them living a contented, “normal” life— are being murdered, one month apart. The killings seem to be unconnected, but are they? Are there dark secrets in the dead men’s pasts? Homicide Detective Harry Stark has to untangle the mystery of the links between these men in a case that takes him and his partner, Noel Harris, on a tortuous and deadly trip into the world of shadows.
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Debt of Death A DEBT OF DEATH (2008)
A group of wealthy, powerful men, The Committee, has been organized to run Canada by all but guaranteeing that their hand-picked candidate wins the next federal election. The candidate is a popular singer greatly admired by people from 40 to 100, partly because he has an impeccable reputation and has remained faithful for decades to the high-school sweetheart who became his wife.
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Death Never Says Goodbye

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Liam gets caught in a morass of drug industry intrigue after a whirlwind marriage to Rebecca, who vanishes from sight. Was she the victim of kidnapping, or is Liam the victim of a cruel and evil hoax?
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